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Get exclusive benefits with the Fidelity Investments® 529 College Rewards® American Express® Card

Get rewards with your card

  • With no annual fee†, use your Card for every purchase and earn rewards that can be turned into a deposit to your Fidelity 529 account. Friends and family can open a card account and link to your Fidelity 529 account.

Earn points with your card

  • Earn 2 points for every dollar in net retail purchases charged to the Card.
  • There's no limit to the rewards you can earn.

Invest More

  • For every $2,500 in purchases you make, you earn 5,000 points, which can be automatically redeemed for a $50 deposit to your designated Fidelity 529 account each time you meet this minimum.
  • You can also enjoy the flexibility to redeem points into other eligible Fidelity accounts.
See Terms and Conditions below for additional program and service details.

Earn 2 points for every dollar in purchases and choose to automatically sweep them as a deposit into your Fidelity 529 or other eligible Fidelity account(s). Or, redeem your points for WorldPoints® rewards. The WorldPoints program is flexible enough so that you can choose the reward that is right for you:

  • Airline travel on any major U.S. carrier with no blackout dates
  • Gift certificates, cash, car rentals, and hotel stays

Some easy ways to earn points include: making everyday purchases, as well as using your card to pay for recurring monthly expenses, utilities, mobile phone bills, insurance bills and membership fees.

See Terms and Conditions below for additional program and service details.

With the Fidelity® Investments 529 College Rewards® American Express® Card, you'll be amazed at how easy saving for your future can be. You'll earn unlimited 2% cash back on everyday purchases, deposited directly into your designated Fidelity account. And unlike some other rewards cards, there's no cap or limit to the amount you can earn, and no annual fee.†

See Terms and Conditions below for additional program and service details.
Invest in your future and earn 2% on purchases
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† Please see Terms and Conditions for rate, fee and other cost information. All terms, including fees and APRs for new transactions, may be subject to change.

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