Welcome to My New Card

Congratulations. You've taken the first step toward helping to establish, strengthen or rebuild your credit. For a faster, more convenient way to accept the preselected offer you received in the mail, please enter in your "Personal Secure Code" located at the bottom of the application along with your zip code. Then, simply complete all the requested information and submit the request form. Your application will be processed and you should have a response in 10-14 business days.


Please note: This offer can only be accepted by the individual to whom the letter was addressed. If you are not the person addressed on the letter, you may complete an application for one of our card products at www.bankofamerica.com/creditcards. If you have already completed and mailed the request form that you received with the letter, please do not complete the application again online.

This credit card program is issued and administered by Bank of America, N.A.